-  Therapies and Self-Development Processes  -
The Green Centre has been established in West London since 1983, offering a   menu of professional skills and techniques for self-development and therapy        in one-to-one session,  workshops, practitioner training courses and holistic retreats in the UK and abroad. You can use our range of professional approaches to reach your goals.

When do you need THERAPY ?

It is natural to come across bad times in life. And it is natural for us to find ways
to make things right again. And we do so, successfully again and again. However, sometimes we may find ourselves in acute crisis or become stuck in negative life patterns only to find that our usual skills and tactics for self-recovery are failing. This is the time to make use of professional assistance to lighten your burden.

What is affecting you?                                                                                                      Are you troubled in your private life, stuck in circumstances or impasses?
Do you have problems at work, fear exams, suffer emotional breakdown?

Help can always be found!                                                                                                   You might feel down, anxious, depressed, angry or lonely. Maybe you are confused and wondering about choices to make and directions to take. You may be troubledby fears, helplessness or panic, ensnared in lingering sadness or traumatised by grief.

When to go for  SELF - DEVELOPMENT ?

You may have simply decided that you wish to improve your life. That things just are not good enough anymore. It’s time to grow and transform your life quality!



Happy staff, happy company. Any business can always benefit greatly from supporting staff in learning stress-management techniques such as Self-Hypnosis. There is also great value in offering a Transcendental Progression creativity and productivity enhancement workshop for everyone's benefit!

Please view our workshops menu and contact us for assistance.


              WHAT CAN HELP YOU?                                                                                                   Therapy                                                 Treatments where something is dysfunctional or damaged.

                                        Self - Development                                                  When are ticking over ok for you but you would like to improve,
enhance and develop yourself.

This means to work with the whole Self, i.e. the physical, emotional, mental, psychic and other parts of Self, rather than just focusing on one part.  

This means bringing the parts of whole Self into inner harmony and co-operation.

                                    Spiritual Perspectives                                         Spiritual questing brings about deep transformation and adds meaningful 
Quality and Values to life.



 This theorises and helps to gain insights, understanding and identify the principle and the origin of your dysfunction over time.

                        Behavioural and Cognitive Techniques                           This is used help bring about quick practical changes in specific areas.

                                       Experiential Methods                                                            Working beyond mind, these are used to support emotional / physical / psychic healing and lasting holistic changes.


The Green Centre offers you a comprehensive range of approaches, using one or more of the above, to serve your needs.

Full hour one-to-one sessions are £45. Concession rates can be requested.